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Doldinger Limited Edition  

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let the groove begin...

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let the groove begin...  

"the beat goes on"

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the beat goes on  

OLAF KÜBLER: So war's - voll daneben !


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produced by Wolfgang Schmid
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2003 "Shame on you Mr. Bush"
Wolfgang Schmid feat. Michael Moore's Statement
2002 Wolfgang Schmid Special Kick - with Joo Kraus, Libor Shima, Peter Wölpl, Marco Minnemann
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Wolfgang Schmid - selected discography
1968/69 first recordings with Seelow: "Soul-in" (single), Mr. Dynamite (Lp)    
1971 several records with Horst Jankowski    
1975 1. Solo Album "WOLFHOUND" on Atlantic Records (WEA) Wolfhound Wolfhound  
with Klaus Doldinger & PASSPORT:
1972 second passport - with John Mealing (keys), Brian Spring (dr)    
1973 Handmade - with Curt Cress (dr), Frank Roberts (keys)    
1973 Doldinger Jubilee (several artists)    
1973 Jubilee ´73 "live" -feat. Brian Auger, Volker Kriegel, Alexis Korner, Pete York and Johnny Griffin.    
1974 Cross Collateral - with Kristian Schultze (keys), Curt Cress (dr)    
1975 Looking thru 1975 - Jubilee Concert 75 - feat. Buddy Guy, Les McCann, Phillip Catherine, Johnny Griffin    
1976 Infinity Machine    
1977 Iguacu, recorded in Rio de Janeiro and Munich - feat. brazilian musicians, Roy Louis, Elmer Louis    
1996 Spirit of continuity......................    
2001 Passport RMX all on ATLANTIC Records (WEA)    

with Head, Heart & Hands:

1978 head, heart & hands (metronome)    
1980 Flor di anglo (mood rec)    
1985 best of HHH (blue flame) -feat. Bobby Stern (sax), Geoff Stradling (keys), Roy Louis (git), Elmer Louis (perc) & Guillermo Marchena (dr) Best of Head, Heart and Hands Best of Head, Heart and Hands  
as "Wolfhound" for Jeton Records:
1981 "LIVE" -feat. Alex Grünwald (keys) & Bodo Schopf (dr) Live Live  
1982 "HALLELUJA" -feat. Anne Haigis (voc), Gerry Brown (dr), Geoff Stradling (keys), Bobb Stern (sax), Alex Grünwald Halleluja Halleluja  
1983 "TRUTH" aka "the never ending story" -feat. Anne Haigis, Adzik Sendecki & Klaus Wagenleiter (keys), Olaf Kübler (sax) & Gerry Brown (dr) Truth  
1985 "AnotherMoonSong" -feat. Olaf Kübler, Peter Wölpl (guit), Gerd Wilden jun. & Todd Canedy (dr) Another Moon Song  
1987 Wolfhound´s KICK -feat. Rick Keller (saxes) & Wolfgang Haffner (dr) .............all Jeton-albums are re-released on Bell-Records Wolfhound's KICK  
1988 Wolfgang Schmid -feat. the Kick & friends - with Peter Wölpl (guit), Wolfgang Haffner (dr), Dieter Falk (keys), Bea Gebauer (voc), Nippy Noya (perc), Rick Keller (sax)    
1989 JubileeConcert LIVE (Global/Satellite/BM feat. Gitte Haenning, Billy Cobham, Joe Sample, Nippy Noya, Peter Wölpl, Rick Keller & Nippy NoyaJoe SampleBilly CobhamGitte HaenningWolfgang Haffner Jubilee Concert  
1989-1991 several "Superdrumming"-CDs (Global/BMG ) -feat. Ian Paice, Simon Phillips, Nippy Noya, Billy Cobham, Bill Bruford, Louis Bellson, Nicko McBrain, Gerry Brown, Brian Auger & John Lord    
1992 "NO FILTERS" (Enja/Tiptoe) -feat. Peter Wölpl (guit), Rick Keller (sax), Kay Richter (dr), Bill Cobham (dr), Dieter Falk (keys), Nippy Noya (perc), Zakir Hussein (tabla), Gitte Haenning (voc) No Filters  
1993 "MANAUS" (Bell-Records) Manaus  
1993 Joy Fleming "sentimental journey" (Global/BMG) -feat. Billy Cobham (dr), Wolfgang Dauner, Dieter Falk, Adzik Sendecki (keys), Peter Wölpl, Nippy Noya & Rick Keller Sentimental Journey '93  
1994 Peter Wölpl "Mr.Wölpl & Dr.Fudge" (Blue Flame) Mr. Wölpl & Dr. Fudge  
1995 Olaf Kübler "Round the Outside" -feat. Dr. Lonnie Smith Round the outside  
1995 "Spirit of the sea" as "Martin Grandy " Spirit of the sea  
1996 PARADOX (Enja) with Bill Bickford & Billy Cobham Paradox  
1997 ZONE X (Global/Satellite/BMG) -feat. Lisa Cash (voc), Alex Grünwald, Peter Wölpl, Olaf Kübler, Thomas Zoller & Werner K Zone X  
1998 PARADOX - "the first second" (Enja/Edel contraire) -with Billy Cobham & Bill Bickford (guit) The First Second Paradox - The First Second - Back
1999 Wolfgang Schmid´s KICK - ”kick off" (Hotwire/EFA) -with Peter Wölpl & Guido May (dr) Kick Off Kick - Kick Off - Back
2003 Marco Minnemann "extreme interdependance" DVD    
2004 Marco Minnemann "Broken Orange"  
2004 Klaus Lage "Die Welt ist schön"